Social Life

Social Life
Alanya Youth Center, operating 24 hours a day and located at an approximately 500 m distance to our university, is free for our students and it serves as an ideal center for them to make use of their spare times with sports and educational activities. The Center not only provides the opportunity to benefit from free-of-charge foreign language, needlecraft, handicraft, dance courses, sports and art activities, but also beach sports through a tunnel connected to the beach. Services are offered for the young people in any subject they may want or need, with the help of training experts, coaches, sociologists and psychologists.
Educational, entertaining or social responsibility activities are often organized at our university where there are highly active student clubs. In the course of activities, all of which are entirely organized and planned by students, the participating students both gain activity-organization skills and get the chance to enjoy the events themselves.
Being a University Student in Alanya:
When the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, a long history left from ancient empires and the natural beauties of Alanya are combined, a must-see place appears. Studying at university in a place like Alanya that opens its doors to nearly 2,500,000 tourists every year from all around the world would be magnificent in terms of both career and student years. While your peers studying at other universities will be feel suffocated as surrounded by buildings, you will receive education in the middle of natural beauties. When the advantages brought by AHEP are added on top of Alanya’s beauties, the result can be nothing but happiness.
If you study in Alanya, you will not have any concerns about where to go and what to do. You can have fun at the beaches, each one more beautiful than the other, or you can walk around the historical places, or you can have your fill of fun anywhere around Alanya, whichever you wish. Alanya is an ideal spot for those overwhelmed by noise and crowds. You can be carried away by natural beauties and enjoy the sea and the greenery in serenity and peace.
The foreign population of nearly 30,000 people residing in Alanya, in other words, “the new people of Alanya”, lead to such a meeting of cultures in the town. The students studying at the university in Alanya enrich their personal development processes by interacting with different cultures not only in the summer season but in all four seasons. Besides, even the foreign-national students studying at AHEP University enable you to be engaged in such cultural interactions continuously inside the same campus.