Program Outcomes

Garaduates of Alanya HEP University with the required qualifications and competencies will be ready for their professional life. At the end of the undergraduate education, Architecture program will be presenting students the following outcomes. The student;

1) Divides the architectural program into its components, develops the design by using the processes of analysis necessary information about program content and solving problem efficiently.
2) Applies the appropriate presentation and graphical techniques to express their designs and ideas.
3) Learns the charecteristics of architectural periods and trends in national and international dimension.
4) Gains the ability of developing and evaluating an architectural project from schematical design level to detailed system development level.
5) Behaves appropriate to human rights, social, scientific, cultural values and professional ethic principles.
6) Uses information technologies in design process.
7) Gains the ability to work together as a member of a team in design and application process and information of coordination between different disciplines.