Our Policy Statement

At Alanya HEP, we embrace the significance of encouraging a multicultural, international environment where all staff and students have the opportunity to gain experience, and develop capabilities in accordance with their future endeavours. Alanya HEP University is focused on guaranteeing an open doors policy to ensure that opportunities for learning are made available to the widest range of prospective students and staff, with appropriate support for those who need it. Accordingly, we aim to develop our international partnerships to create opportunities for mobility, knowledge sharing, and enterprise development and to raise the profile of the university in a ‘global’ environment.

The primary missions of the University with respect to Erasmus Programme are to give a qualified instructive environment to students and staff that will qualify them to take a dynamic part in the internationalization procedure; to advance participation between the University and business world; to build research activities; to empower a culturally diverse discourse by creating a multicultural University life and intensive programmes and international projects focusing on multidisciplinary subjects. Broad support and clarity are the primary standards in regards to the implementation of the internalization policy of Alanya HEP University. Utmost importance is given to all procedures being carried out with attention to objectivity, transparency, and equality throughout the university. Students and staff selection criteria are set in accordance with academic success and language skills to prevent any possible discrimination based on gender, race, social status, language, age, or disability.

Alanya HEP's goals and objectives are to enhance international activities and distinguish strategic partners. They are evaluated routinely. Our approach to strategic partners concentrates above all else on a mutual commitment to high-quality standards and common goals and interests. Alanya HEP is open to partnership in a variety of geographical areas in accordance with our department's specific requirements. Our main objective in international cooperation is to enhance the quality of education via mobility of student and staff whilst offering the world as an open-ended field so that they can find their goal in their life and career.

Further, Alanya HEP University plans to create double, multiple and Joint degrees within academic units in accordance with the framework of Turkish Higher Education Council’s authorization.
Alanya HEP University is a recently founded institution where the medium of instruction is English. The English language of instruction is the key tool to increase the communication and efficiency of the collaborations between international universities and institutions. In addition, participation with international university organizations (European University Association, International Association of Universities, etc.) is also a part of our university agenda. Alanya HEP wants to encourage academic staff to participate in international projects and increase the academic promotions. In respect of EU cooperation, Alanya HEP seeks to develop partnerships with EU Universities by supporting the Office of International Affairs in organizing international education fairs, orientation programmes for outgoing students, incoming students, teaching and administrative staff who are interested in EU projects. Alanya HEP University staff is also encouraged to go to international education conferences and organize university visits for future cooperation.