With its natural and cultural attractions, Alanya has entered into a rapid urbanization process, particularly as a consequence of the touristic investments made in the region and the rising touristic movements after the 1980s and due to the local and foreign immigrations allowed in the district. While Alanya was a small fishing town and an agricultural town depending on citrus and banana production until the 1950s, today tourism has become a part of urban life and Alanya has gained a tourist town identity.
Development of tourism as intermingled with the town led to the development of not only touristic facilities, but also travel agencies, entertainment businesses and other sectors, the food and beverage sector in particular. In the mid-1990s, the number of apart hotel businesses also rose in addition to the hotels. Residential buildings for foreign nationals have started to be built in the district in recent years and more than ten thousand residences have been constructed and sold merely in the three-year period between 2003 and 2005. Alanya continues that development process by including local and foreign students into its borders, on top of its years-long experience in the tourism sector.
Various establishments that could be needed are available in the vicinity of Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa (HEP) University, ranging from shopping malls, culture and art centers, and sports centers to cafés, restaurants, banks, hospitals, hairdresser saloons and supermarkets. AHEP campus is not only close to Alanya’s city center, beach, historical and touristic sites, but it also enables easy access to wherever wanted outside of Alanya and to enjoy the cultural, historical and natural beauties of Alanya.
Alanya HEP University offers contracted apart hotel services for the accommodation of students. The 5-star apart hotel has housing options suitable for and affordable by students. The price range is between TRY 300.00 and TRY 1,000.00. Besides, state and private dormitories where students can stay are also available in the city.