About us

Alanya HEP University International Relations Office was established in order to integrate our university into European Education and Research fields, to support the implementation of all programs and activities, to control all education programs and to promote the university abroad.
The International Relations Office consists of two units and has a coordinator responsible for controlling all actions. The organizational structure of our office is as follows;

Coordinator Student Affairs
Administrative Staff Administrative Staff
Academic Advisors  
The International Relations Office at Alanya HEP helps the university in its internationalisation efforts in the following ways:
- coordinates student exchange programs
- assists international students and provides them with a variety of services to fully satisfy their university education and social life
- establishes connections with international well-known universities and maintain agreements signed between Alanya HEP and partner universities
- assists Alanya HEP students in their registration or employment in partner universities or companies
- assists Alanya HEP in accreditation issues
- represents Alanya HEP in all international forums and networks