Residence, Visa and Insurance

Necessary Information on the Residence Permit for Foreign-National Students

The newly-enrolled foreign-national students at our university apply with their student certificates to the “Alanya Group Directorate of Migration Management” in order to obtain a “Residence Permit”. Prospective students who have applied to Alanya Group Directorate of Migration Management submit the letter they have received from the directorate, regarding their Application for Residence Permit, to the Enrollment Office.
Alanya Group Directorate of Migration Management will request from students, who will obtain a “Residence Permit”, to submit a Student Certificate and a document indicating that they have taken out a Health Insurance. The procedures related to the Health Insurance can be completed at Alanya Social Security Institution.
As long as your Residence Permit is valid, you do not need to obtain visa to enter Turkey. For instance, when you go back to your country for the semester break, you can enter Turkey by showing your residence permit on your way back to the country.
Those with an expired residence permit period must extend their residence permits within no later than 15 days. Otherwise, legal actions will be taken.
A list of non-enrolled students and students who suspended (froze registration), dismissed, quit at his/her own request and graduated is delivered to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and the residence permits of those students are cancelled. The students in that condition must, therefore, leave the country within maximum 15 days following their graduation or dismissal, or they must apply to the Provincial Migration Authority to obtain a residence permit by paying fee. Otherwise, legal actions will be taken.
In cases where the students are discharged, suspended their registration, considered on leave of absence, get arrested or convicted, their “residence permits for educational purposes” are cancelled.
Health Insurance
Registration of “General Health Insurance” for foreign-national students has been amended by the law no.6486 and if the concerned students studying at our University demand, their general health insurance registration procedures are carried out by Antalya Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution.
For the General Health Insurance Registrations:
The students who have enrolled at our University for the first time after 29.05.2013 must apply to Antalya Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution within 3 months as of the initial date of enrollment, together with their student certificates.
Otherwise, the foreign-national students falling into that scope cannot have a general health insurance under the seventh paragraph of Article 60 of the Law No.5110, ever again throughout their study periods.