Course Catalogues & ECTS

AHEP University implements Bologna reforms in order to improve the quality in academic mobility. In all programmes ECTS credits are used and course information are presented and made up to date in the below given links and can also be found from http://ects.ahep.edu.tr/en. All of the information provided in the ECTS Information Guide is a complete package which integrates the National Qualifications defined by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK) and their compatibility with the implementation of Bologna Process can be found throguh this website. 

ECTS methodology for Course Allocations

The study of individual programmes and courses is carried out on the basis of a credit system corresponding to ECTS, in which one credit corresponds to 1/60 of average annual student workload. Each course included in the study plans is assessed according to its difficulty by a certain number of credits that students earn.The extent to which the contents of the two courses correspond is assessed by a faculty member of the department in question.

All courses succesfully completed at the host institution are recognized after the mobility; this applies also to student traineeships. The Departmen Erasmus Coordinator in helps the student to draw up a suitable plan of study before the mobility, which is in accordance with the student's study profile and can be fully recognized when he/she returns.

Exchange students can take courses from the following programs: (you may click on the department to see the department web page for general information and you may find the department catalogues below)
General Information about the Programme Deparment Catalogue Meduim of Instruction
Tourism Management Course Catalogue English
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Course Catalogue English
Architecture Course Catalogue English
Communication Design and Management                      Course Catalogue  English
Architecture Course Catalogue Turkish
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Course Catalogue Turkish
For more detailed information on courses you may also look at our ECTS Information Guide; http://ects.ahep.edu.tr/en