About the Department
Computer engineering is a significant branch of engineering that combines and integrates many fields of computer science and electronic engineering that are required for the hardware-software implementations. The department of computer engineering, with the role of becoming a locomotive on which it has taken, aims to give students the ability of problem solving independent of field and data. The teaching staff and students in the department can take place at every location where a computer exists and/or the problem solving is a need.

Message of Administration
The primary objective of the department is to train well-equipped, hardworking and honest individuals who have many features by providing students with the equipment that is expected to be acquired at the international level through an approach of student-oriented “computer engineering education”:
 - self-confidence,
 - adopting ethical-moral-academical values,
 - social awareness,
 - universal-social responsibility, and
 - an academic/scientific perspective.
  The other objectives are -on the other hand- as follows:
  (1) conducting education and R&D activities in parallel,
  (2) developing and disseminating new techniques-technologies,
  (3) realizing national/international projects, and
  (4) contributing to the country and world science.

Mission & Vision


The mission of AHEP University Computer Engineering Department is to train engineers who will be able to design, implement, manage and improve the today’s modern computer hardware-software and information systems, and solve the encountered problems in a creative manner. Students will have communication, teamwork and leadership characteristics with the necessary theoretical, technical and practical knowledge. Additionally, they will turn into the professionals who can work interdisciplinary with the qualifications of defining, modeling and solving the engineering problems in the related fields while using modern engineering-tools.

The vision of AHEP University Computer Engineering Department is to be an institution providing high-quality undergraduate/graduate education and an internationally accredited department in the field of computer engineering, and to be recognized on both national and international arenas with the “deep knowledge & academic excellence”.