Course Contents

1. Year Fall Semester

CSE 101 Introduction to Computer Engineering
No prerequisite
Credit: (3 + 0) ECTS: 5
History of Computer Science, computer software-and-hardware, algorithm and pseudo-code concepts, flow-charts and unified modeling language (UML), program-software-programming-application concepts, computer technology, IT (information technology) systems, various programming languages and integrated development environments (IDEs), and core knowledge with applications in the field of Computer Engineering.
CSE 103 Computer Programming 1
No prerequisite
Credit: (3+2) ECTS: 6
Problem solving, hardware-software relation, algorithm concept, constants, variables and statements. Arithmetical, comparative and logical statements, I/O statements. Conditional and loop structures, arrays, character and string operations, functions.

PHY 101 Physics 1 
No prerequisite
Credit: (3 + 2) ECTS: 5
Numerical approach, measurements, quantities and units; vectors and operations with vectors; kinematics of mechanical motion and movements; dynamics of mechanical motion, Newton's laws, forces, momentum, finding motion using forces; rotational motion, torque and angular momentum, rotation of objects; conservation of energy, linear and angular momentum; importance and applications of conservation laws in Physics; oscillations and resonance, basic wave motion, basic properties of waves.
MAT 105 Calculus 1
No Prerequisite
Credit: (2+0) ECTS: 5
Functions, function plots, calculating limits and derivatives, indefinite integrals.
1. Year Spring Semester

CSE 102 Discrete Mathematics  
No Prerequisite
Credit: (3 + 0)  ECTS: 5
Definition of discrete mathematics, sets, mathematical proof methods, logical methods, Boolean algebra and functions..
CSE 104 Computer Programming 2
No prerequisite
Credit: (3 + 2)  ECTS: 6
Basic concepts of object oriented programming, structures, classes, properties, methods, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism,operator overloading, exceptions and exception handling, dynamic memory allocation and management, referencing, debugging, different integrated development environments.

PHY 102 Physics 2
No prerequisite
Credit: (3 + 2) ECTS: 5
Electric charge and electric field, capacitance, dielectrics, energy storage, circuits and resistance, direct current circuits, Kirchhoff's Laws, magnetism, magnetic field sources, electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law, induction, electromagnetic oscillations, alternative current circuits. Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves. Light reflection and diffraction, lenses and optical instruments.
MAT 106 Calculus 2
No prerequisite
Credit: (3+0) ECTS:5
Transcendental functions, L'Hopital rule, integral solving techniques, first order differential equations, power series, Taylor and Maclaurin series, integral calculations, polar coordinates, vector operations,partial derivatives, multiple integrals.