Hiperkitap Hiperkitap e-book Content

Hiperkitap e-book Content

Hiperbook was developed by Hiperlink. It is the first and only database through which academics and students can access information easily and quickly. It is also the only Turkish online library.  In the Hiperbook, there are more than 14.000 e-books  from different fields including philosophy, arts, engineering and etc. It also includes dictionaries, atlas and encyclopaedia

Users can reach more than 14.000 e-books from their computers and smart phones. They can scan the sources without Internet connection. They can create their own library with the help of “My library” feature. Users can  make search, create bibliography automatically,  add notes, save web pages as a PDF  document.

Nearly 100 universities in Turkey and 3 universities  abroad (Yale University, Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University and Kazakhstan Suleyman Demirel University) are subscribers of  Hiperkitap.
The content of Hiperkitap database is compiled by Hiperlink and is used via  EBSCO Information Services.

Access address:
Detailed Info: http://www.ebscohost.com/academic/hiperkitap 

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