Department Coordinators

Each academic department has an exchange coordinator to assist students in planning their study lists. The Office of International Affairs arranges a meeting with the Departmental Exchange Coordinators to provide students with the opportunity to discuss their course lists before the course registration.
Please feel free to contact your Departmental Coordinator if you have any questions about academic matters.
Architecture Faculty   Assist. Prof. Dr. Milorad Pavlovic 1305
  Architecture Assist. Prof. Dr. Milorad Pavlovic 1305
Tourism Faculty    Assist. Prof. Dr. Dimitris Agouridas 1301
  Tourism Management Assist. Prof. Dr. Nihan Sidar 1408
Art and Design Faculty      
  Gastronmy and Culinary Arts Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülşah Çalışkan Koç 1404
  Communication and Design Management Assist. Prof. Dr. Gaye Topa Çiftçi 1308